Lber E9600 GSM, UHF Radio, Power Bank, Flashlight, Camera and Bluetooth

51opoxyw0hl-_sl1000_This is what we can call an all-in-one.

The world first two way radio with cell phone, power bank, LED flashlight, Camera and Bluetooth functions, Perfect design for outdoor.
Two way radio, Frequency Range:87.8-108 MHz(Only commercial FM radio reception), UHF 400-470 MHz(Rx/Tx), Easy to Edit Rx/Tx frequency by keyboard and compatible with other brands two way radio;Transmit Power:1Watt(high) /0.5Watt(small) optional.
Dual-Sim GSM cell phone with Camera and Bluetooth, GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz Quad-bands unlocked compatible with GSM carriers.
Power bank, 4000mAh real capacity suitable chargeing for all kind of smart phone( iOS&Android). 5Pin Charging port suitable for most car charger.
Super bright LED flashlight, Physical buttons, Easy to switch and Long range observation can up to 500 feet. / more color optional( gold+black) welcome to go to Easyfone shop to chose.


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